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We are happy to enter into collaborations with investigators that are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have generated or that would like to pull together a proposal, but don't really have the expertise to design and analyze an experiment using DNA sequencing. Here's something to think about: It will probably cost ~$10,000 to extract DNA, generate primers, do the PCRs, set up the emPCR, run the pyrosequencer, and pay your staff for one run. This is likely to generate 800,000 sequences that are about 450 bp in length. How much are you willing to pay to actually analyze the data? Similarly, do you realize that about 90% of the effort required to do a study is the analysis, not the generation of sequences? We are happy to put together subcontract quotes to meet your needs. Email Pat to get the conversation started.

Means of collaboration

I am frequently asked (in order from most frequent to less frequent) to

  • do someone's analysis for them for free
  • do someone's analysis for them for co-authorship
  • write letter's of support
  • be a subcontractor
  • be a co-PI

The first two options are not attractive - I don't have the time and I don't need the pubs. The third option is nice, but not credible to reviewers if there's no money involved. The latter two options are the most attractive. I prefer being a subcontractor because there are more clearly defined terms of what you expect and what I am to deliver. I realize this is mercenary, but I don't feel like doing people's dissertations when I haven't been involved in designing the experiments and don't know where the data are coming from. Plus, I have to cover my salary, equipment, and time.

Available services

I can provide pretty much any service you might request. Here are some ideas:

  • Full data analysis work up
  • Specialized training for your staff
  • Full support - we address your problems first
  • Customized development of software
  • Experimental design