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Name file

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The name file is used to show the relationship between a representative sequence and the sequences it represents. It consists of 2 columns separated by a tab. The first column contains the representative sequence's name. The second column contains the names of its representatives separated by commas. Here is an example:

65_6_19	65_6_19
65_10_4	65_10_4
65_10_10	65_10_10,65_10_8,65_4_21,65_6_16,65_7_17,65_7_6,65_9_14
65_5_11	65_5_11
65_8_3	65_8_3
65_1_2	65_1_2,65_1_23,65_2_1,65_2_8
65_3_5	65_3_5
65_2_21	65_2_21,65_3_12,65_3_3,65_3_6


  1. Be sure not to include the ">" in the name of the sequence.
  2. Your sequence name cannot contain blank spaces.