design file

The design file is used to assign samples to a specific treatments, or other categories. The design file consists of multiple columns separated by a tabs. The first line is a header line containing the names of the columns. The first column contains the sample or group names. The following column contain the treatment names, or other information. The first column should be named “group”. Here is an example:

group     sex
F11Fcs F
F12Fcs F
F13Fcs F
F14Fcs F
F21Fcs F
F22Fcs F
F23Fcs F
F24Fcs F
F31Fcs F
F32Fcs F
F33Fcs F
F34Fcs F
M11Fcs M
M12Fcs M
M13Fcs M
M14Fcs M
M21Fcs M
M22Fcs M
M23Fcs M
M24Fcs M
M41Fcs M
M42Fcs M
M43Fcs M
M44Fcs M