group file

The group file is used to assign sequences to a specific group. It consists of 2 columns separated by a tab. The first column contains the sequence name. The second column contains the group name. Here is an example:

AY457915   A   
AY457914   A   
AY457913   A   
AY457912   A   
AY457911   A   
AY457910   A   
AY457909   A   
AY457908   A   
AY457907   A   
AY457906   A   


1. Be sure not to include the “>” in the name of the sequence.

2. You sequence name and group name cannot contain blank spaces. For example, the following will cause an error: AY457915 Dirt Sample

3. DO NOT use a hyphen in group names. The “-“ character is used within mothur to separate group names, labels, taxonomies, ect. Including a hyphen will cause issues in your downstream analysis.