The make.count command reads a fasta file or series of fasta files and creates a count file.

Default Options

fasta && groups

mothur > make.count(fasta=sample1.fasta-sample2.fasta, groups=A-B)
Assigning sequences from file sample1.fasta to group A:	10 sequences assigned to group A
Assigning sequences from file sample2.fasta to group B:	1 sequences assigned to group B
Group count: 
A	10
B	1

Total of all groups is 11

Output File Names: /Users/swestcott/Desktop/release/merge.count_table

This command creates a file called merge.count_table.



The output parameter allows you to specify the name of count file created.

 mothur > make.count(fasta=sample1.fasta-sample2.fasta, groups=A-B, output=samples.count_table)


The format parameter allows you to specify whether the outputted file is a group file or count file. Options group or count. Default=count.


  • 1.48.0 First Introduced