mothur v.1.21.0

We are happy to announce the release of mothur v.1.21.0. This release has a few small and important updates. First, we have completely rewritten the metastats command to overcome numerous issues that have been detected in the original code provided by the developers. Second, we modified the indicator command to make its use more flexible and to include p-values to describe the significance of an indicator’s strength. Third, it is now possible to store a reference database in memory so that you can run a command (e.g. classify.seqs) multiple times without having to re-load the database. This may be useful for people that want to develop web-based implementations of the classifier; the memory can be cleared with the new clear.memory command. Third, we are now providing a 64-bit Windows version of the executable and hope to add parallelization for our windows users in the next release. Finally, there are a number of bug fixes and small feature updates that have been made.

Please keep your comments coming in via the forum, emails, and facebook. People have given us a lot of helpful suggestions and feedback through these mechanisms and hopefully everyone finds us pretty responsive. August will be a busy month as Pat will be participating in the STAMPS course at the Marine Biology Laboratory and will be hosting his own workshop in Detroit, MI. Spaces are still available for the Detroit workshop. Hopefully, he’ll cross paths with some of you soon!

New commands

  • clear.memory - removes saved reference data from memory

Feature updates

Bug fixes

Minor Releases

  • 1.21.1 - fixed bug with labels in parsimony command.
  • 1.21.1 - cluster.split - if your number of split files was less than the number of processors, the command crashed.