mothur v.1.28.0

We are happy to release mothur v.1.28.0 on the US election day - hopefully we can all agree that this is a good thing! Since the last release we have been busy adding a new command and a number of new parameters that will make our final Illumina pipeline easier to use. If you have interest in using mothur to analyze MiSeq sequence data, please let us know, we’d be happy to have you test our new functions. Briefly, we have a new sff.multiple command that makes life easier for those that get multiple sff files from their sequence provider. We’ve also updated the 454 SOP to reflect some of the recent changes we’ve made to mothur over the past several releases.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest article, that rebuts a previous ISMEJ article. The piece covers the issue of whether sequence alignment as we do it is necessary. Initial feedback has been very positive. The next several releases promise to be very exciting. We’ll be unveiling a new mothur GUI and pipelines for non-454 sequencing platforms.

As always keep the feedback and citations coming! We were happy to notice that the mothur paper is the 15th most cited paper in AEM history and DOTUR is the 4th. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate the gifts and flowers you continue to send us. One of the students in the lab would like to see a little more love come our way and would like you all to know that if things don’t improve, we will start posting advertisements in the mothur window..

New commands

  • sff.multiple - The sff.multiple command reads a file containing sff filenames and optional oligos filenames. It runs the files through sffinfo, trim.flows, shhh.flows and trim.seqs combining the results.
  • make.table command modified to create a “.count_table” file. Added large parameter in case files are too large for ram.

Feature updates

Bug fixes

Changes to wiki

  • Updated 454 SOP
  • count_file which is a combination of the name and group file’s information. Uses less memory and runs faster with mothur’s commands.

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